What Our Parents Are Saying

After researching many local preschool programs, I was most impressed with Shepherd of the Hills’ unique combination of programming strength, warm environment and excellent facilities (both classroom and playground). I have been delighted with the depth and frequency of communication with parents about the program and their child’s experience. From the initial orientation sessions, parents’ “coffee time” with the teachers, and “Mommy and Me”/”Daddy and Me” days to the monthly Room Highlights and school newsletter and school newsletter, I have felt both well-informed and welcomed to participate in my child’s experience in a variety of ways. I appreciate Shepherd’s learning approach, which provides age-appropriate education with a focus on social skill development offered in a warm, light-hearted environment that enables kids to really enjoy their teachers and each other. My son has truly blossomed over this school year. I have seen a huge leap in his language development, as well as in his ability to reason and negotiate in a healthy manner–skills which are clearly being reinforced in the classroom. The quality of the school’s leadership, staff and teachers is at the heart of the school’s success, and our experiences with all of the school’s staff could not have been more positive. We are obviously thrilled to be part of this outstanding program, and highly recommend it to other parents considering Shepherd for their child.

As a mother of twins, Shepherd of the Hills offered us several alternatives for placement of my boys. The teachers and administrators were so wonderful and caring with our unique circumstances, helped us with the separate/together decision and worked with us to provide the perfect classroom solution for our family. I am continually pleased with the “family” atmosphere and the love of children that every teacher shows for every student. I highly recommend this preschool.

We love Shepherd of the Hills Preschool. Both of my children went to SHUMP and had an amazing experience. They do a great job balancing fun and education. My older child did the 3-year-old class and the 4-year-old class before going straight into kindergarten and was totally prepared for the things they were doing in kinder. But SHUMP also believes in lots of play time, art time, and exploration time too! I would highly recommend Shepherd of the Hills Preschool!

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