TK Program

Transitional Kindergarten: Determining your child’s readiness for Kindergarten may be one of the most difficult decisions as a parent. For many students, the benefit of an extra TK year helps them enter elementary school full of confidence and ready to be successful for their entire school career.

Our TK program provides organized group time, one on one time with the teacher and many opportunities for learning through play. The month to month curriculum provides the foundation for each class to work with, while expanding on the interest of each TK child. Our daily schedule includes letter and sound recognition, phonemic awareness, playful and creative math and science concepts. The children are also introduced to history and social sciences by relating it to their everyday lives and the community around them. The most anticipated part of TK is Star of the Week. Each child will have their very own special week, where they can share a poster full of pictures, special collections of dolls, trucks, rocks, shells…. It can be anything!! On Thursday, the Star gets to have a special guest ( mom, dad, aunt, uncle…) come in and  help with snack, play with the class and read a favorite story at the end of the day. This is definitely a great week for each of our TK friends.

Transitional Kindergarten Activity in Rancho Santa Margarita

Another fun bonus for the TK class is field trips. The class visits Tanaka Farms, The Kellogg House, O.C. Zoo, Phoenix Feather Music School and the Ocean Institute. Parents are invited to go with us as drivers and helpers. Such a fun experience for both the students and the parents.

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