Programs and Curriculum Overview

Our Preschool Program is designed to encourage the growth and development of the whole child ( cognitively, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually) in a loving environment. The children are constantly learning through play while also being challenged through a variety of experiences needed to build essential skills.

Rancho Santa Margarita Preschool Kids Playing

Our Classrooms are arranged to promote growth in all areas of the curriculum. Children learn through the free exploration of a large variety of materials. They have opportunities to work cooperatively in small as well as large groups. Circle time and Chapel are also part of the daily routine. Our warm and loving teachers are always there to help children handle frustrations, and learn positive, faith filled ways to solve problems.

Our Language Arts Curriculum promotes the growth and development of
students communication and literacy skills. We achieve this through frequent use of appropriate literature integrated with the language competencies of listening, speaking, reading and writing. All day children can share ideas, experiences stories, dictate their own stories and have many opportunities helping them connect the world of reading and writing.

Our Mathematics Curriculum encourages development of basic math concepts and problem-solving skills through a hands on program of exploration and discovery. Manipulation of a variety of materials with an open framework, leads to conceptualizing concrete and abstract processes. The children will gain exposure to numeracy, measurement, geometry ( i.e. shapes and patterns…) statistics and probability (i.e. graphing, predictions) and logic and language (i.e. sorting and classifying).

Our Science Curriculum provides activities to encourage the children’s sense of discovery and curiosity. Open-ended, hands on activities allow for exploration, experimentation and observation. The children’s sense of wonder at God’s creation will be enhanced through life sciences (i.e. weather, seasons, and time) and physical science (i.e weights, shapes,
experimentation with several forms of matter, etc.)

Our Fine Arts Curriculum encourages creative expression through a variety of art forms, including music, movement, and dramatic play. The children are offered many occasions to paint, sculpt, draw, collage using a variety of media. Music is played throughout the day, in the classroom and during outside play.

Our Motor Development Curriculum helps to enhance both fine and gross
motor skill development. Teachers plan developmentally appropriate activities for motor development experiences, on the playground, in the classroom and at our weekly time in the “Motor Development” Room.

Our History and Social Science Curriculum is integrated throughout our
thematic units. The children are introduced to concepts of self, family, community, country, world and God’s Heavenly Kingdom. Woven through our curriculum is the understanding that all people are God’s creation and the development of an appreciation and respect for the many different cultures and people in God’s creation.

Our Chapel Curriculum is also integrated throughout the day. During the weekly chapel time, the children are introduced to Jesus Christ through the Bible, Bible related stories, songs and prayers. There is a monthly emphasis on a Fruit of the Spirit or the Beatitudes.

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