Shepherd of the Hills is a warm and nurturing environment which provides an enriching home for each and every child.  It is our hope that every child will feel safe, and happy and learn that school is an exciting and comfortable place. We try to make every happening of the day a positive learning experience. Our program will provide your child with many learning opportunities by offering choices in literacy, music, creative arts, sensory, and fine and gross motor development.  Your child will be introduced to new songs, play instruments, prepare, cook, and taste new foods.  Outdoors, your child will have an opportunity to: cook in our Mud Kitchen, swing, ride tricycles, slide, paint, build with blocks and manipulatives, and plant in our garden.  We have special visitors at our school and special days to expand your child’s knowledge of the world around them.

Children at Shepherd of the Hills Preschool will also learn to refine their understanding of others and respect their feelings.  The children’s thoughts and ideas are shared and respected by caring, trained, and educated staff.  Our goals are to meet each child’s individual needs, giving each child feelings of positive self-worth, fostering curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

Girls enjoying preschool

Play is a child’s work.  Through play, children learn to deal with everyday situations and the world around them.  Because we have established an age-appropriate atmosphere that encourages hands-on experiences, we are allowing the children to discover things about themselves and their environment.  It is through these discoveries that children can begin to see themselves as unique and very important individuals.  

Our program considers all aspects of child development; physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth.  Children learn by doing, which makes each experience concrete and real.  Our curriculum is based on a two-year rotation with varying themes.  Each month we introduce concepts in color and shape recognition, spatial relations, language development, music and gross motor movement.  These are guidelines for each class, however, spontaneity and individual interests are always considered.

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