Our Staff

Our Preschool StaffShepherd of the Hills Preschool has always demonstrated high-quality education and our staff is the primary reason. We have a highly trained and dedicated staff with most of our teachers possessing between 10 and 20 years of experience. Our staff are professionals, trained in Early Childhood Education along with CPR and First Aid certificates.

We pride ourselves in our individual attention with all our students; nurturing each and every one toward becoming lifelong learners, as well as kind and thoughtful citizens. We feel our school and family connection is a critical part of the partnership we share in these most precious years of your child’s life.

Becci Lukes, Executive Director
Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita

Becci began teaching at Shepherd of the Hills in 1986, and has been director since 1998. She has taught all ages at Shepherd from young 3’s to TK, and Lunch Bunch. Becci is  the Executive Director over both of our preschool sites which include our Mission Viejo and Santa Margarita sites.

Sarah Galliver, Preschool Site Director
Rancho Santa Margarita

Sarah started at Shepherd of the Hills in 2008 and what a great find! We love all the “dramatic” changes she has brought to our TK program. She is always making something new with a real “childlike” enthusiasm and attention to detail. Her “English Tradition” has a lovely influence on us all.  In 2017 we asked her to share this love of learning in a bigger way as she directs our programs at the RSM campus.

Elizabeth Plumb, Curriculum Coordinator and Lead Teacher

Liz has been a great addition to our staff. She works with our three and four year olds. She is so nurturing with the children and helpful for the parents. Every day she welcomes her children with wonderful teaching moments and awesome resources and ideas. Mrs. Plumb truly loves this age and it shows in all she does.

Deanna Roberson, Second Teacher

Deanna began teaching at Shepherd in 1978 when her youngest was in enrolled in the program. She is foundational to our school. In 2008 we dedicated our newest building on our playground in her name. “Roberson’s Retreat” is a place at our school where children can dance, ice skate, build with blocks, eat lunch, and be well rounded preschoolers. Deanna has given children that strong foundation in all her programs all these years.

Dorothy Walther, Lead 3 year-old Teacher

Dorothy began teaching at our school in 1985. She grew upon on campus! She is so patient with our youngest of the young; truly her strength and gift. She is sensitive to these little ones as they grow in their independence from home. She is always there with a hug and a sympathetic ear.

Laurie Canedy, 4 year-old Teacher/Enrichment programs

Laurie is the kind of teacher who develops new curriculum during her time off during the summers. She is always trying new things and adjusting her program for the individual needs of her students. She is our most artistic teacher and her love of art flourishes in each child’s interpretation of whatever media she offers them. We are proud to have her as a Mentor Staff Teacher since 1997.

Michelle Denny, Associate TK Teacher and Lunch Bunch

Michelle started as a dedicated Lunch Bunch teacher when her girls attended Shepherd. They graduated and she stayed!  She is very conscientious with her charge and is sensitive to all the children’s needs. Michelle is the second teacher in the three year-old and four year-old programs. Michelle has been a part of our team for over ten years.

Lisa Arnold, Second Teacher, RSM campus

Lisa began teaching at Shepherd with our oldest children in our TK program. Later, we found a way to share Lisa’s gifts with the whole campus as she develops wonderful interest areas in our “Outdoor” classroom. Lisa taught for many years, then took time off to raise her two sons before coming to Shepherd. She is a second teacher inside our 3yrs and 4yrs programs.

Kris Bell, Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

Kris started in 2002 as a lunch bunch teacher.  She’s another one of our teachers who stayed after her children graduated. She is loved by children and parents alike.  She’s our Mary Poppins of teachers; fun, organized and a wonderful educator.

Lezlie Rodgers, Lead teacher TK

Lezlie began at our school as a parent, student teacher, the Lunch Bunch and now a Lead Teacher in the classroom in 2010.  We have enjoyed watching all the great ideas she has added to our program. Lezlie has a wonderful love for this age group and we know this will be a great year for all involved. She is our “early drop off teacher” and is a welcoming smile as the children start their day.

Patti Langenfeld, Lead teacher in our 5 day four year-old and Enrichment program

Patti also began at our school as a parent, and now teaches all ages. She worked at our MV campus for about 12 years and now has been a Lead Teacher in RSM since 2014.  She is our “Out of the Box” teacher who approaches curriculum planning from all learning styles. There is never a dull moment in the Red room!  Patti’s loving and enthusiastic approach to teaching has brought her students from the 80’s back with their children!

Robin Grier, Lead teacher in our 5 day TK program

Robin started at our RSM campus in 2014 and has been a true blessing to our school.  Her attention to detail and work ethic is evident in all she does.  She has a mild mannered approach to teaching, which endears her to all the children, parents and staff. Children flourish in her room.

Lindsay Riley, Lead teacher in our three year old program

Lindsay has be an assistant teacher, lunch bunch teacher \ and an outdoor classroom specialist. Lindsay is also a butterfly garden expert. She is now a lead teacher in the Blue room and is so excited to share all her great ideas! The Blue room is full of excitement and wonder.

Susan Bean, Lead teacher in our three and four year-old program

We were so lucky to have found such a wonderful teacher. She comes to us with prior experiences in home and school district preschools. She has shared many wonderful ideas and has a solid program every day for her children.

Lequi Colwell, Our Spanish teacher in our TK program

Lequi began at our school as a parent, student teacher, the Lunch Bunch and now a Spanish Teacher in the TK classroom. We have enjoyed watching all the great ideas she has added to our program. Every day a young TK child runs up to me to share the Spanish they have learned. At this age children are all little sponges, it is fun to see and hear their enthusiasm.

Melissa Streeter

Melissa is a first year teacher at our MV Campus even though we have known her for years since her children attended our school. She was a wonderful volunteer and now that her youngest is here, she has come back too! She is such a quick learner and it is such a pleasure to have her on staff. Welcome back Melissa!

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